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Zane Truscott

Zane is the Co-Founder & CEO of Fortune Education and successful wellness brands Tolman Self Care and The Cleanse Kitchen.  Since 2006, Zane has been the chief promoter and host of Don Tolman’s whole food wisdom seminars in Australia, bringing reputation and insight to the empowered health movement.

Having facilitated the message of self care to thousands of people from all walks of life, Zane believes that the biggest “health crises” in the world today, is a lack of consciousness and personal responsibility when it comes to achieving vitality and wellness.

Since overcoming his own health challenges as a teenager, Zane has spent the past 30 years refining his own self-reliant wellness philosophy to live a healthy active lifestyle, whilst running multiple businesses, raising a family and maintaining his passion for mountain sports.  Zane’s mission is to help people Think Well, Eat Well, Move Well and Live Well, by doing the little things right on a consistent basis.

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