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Dr Espen

Dr Espen Hjalmby DC is a neuroscientist, TV personality, speaker, retired chiropractor and healer who went from 2 broken legs and a near-death hospital infection to rebuilding himself from the inside out to become a conscious entrepreneur, Australian Ninja Warrior finalist, and loving father.

As a well-known researcher and coach, Dr Espen teaches his clients the same tools he used himself to overcome a lot more than just Ninja obstacles in his life…


From finding his little brother Kevin passed away in his room when he was young, breaking both his legs in a motorbike accident in 2006 and almost dying from a hospital infection, to overcoming a severe learning disability and 3 failed businesses, Dr Espen’s story is the perfect example of how anyone can overcome the obstacles in their life (no matter how big) and achieve greatness and so can you!


Fast forward to today and Dr Espen is the founder of Australasia’s biggest hot yoga and multidisciplinary wellness centres, specialising in high-level business / life coaching with clients in over 12 countries!


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