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Don Tolman

Widely regarded as the founding pioneer of the “Self Care” movement, for over 50 years Don Tolman has shared his incredible knowledge and wisdom with audiences around the globe.

Dubbed by the international media as the “Indiana Jones of Wholefoods” and the “Wholefood Medicine Man”, Don is well known for a 17-year quest that took him around the globe in search of an ancient sacred meal called, Pulse.

During his search, Don gained access to collections handed down from ancient cultures about health and longevity, that are today under ‘lock and key’ and no longer accessible to the public.

Don describes what he discovered as, “precious nuggets of wisdom”, that have been lost in today’s world.

The ancient healers taught that there were “7 Principles of Health” that are the true secrets to living a happy, healthy, disease-free life. And these principles are central to Don’s message about health and how simple it can be.

Don believes that the problem with today’s health care system is that it has become an industry that cares little about ‘health’. Instead, it’s more concerned with the financial benefits that come from perpetuating disease by peddling drugs, unnecessary doctors visits, surgeries and procedures.

Even though Don is partly considered “an enemy in the camp” of the medical industry and despite what he’s shared publicly for over 50 years in this arena, it is ironic that he’s regularly invited to speak at medical symposiums around the world.

Audiences that include large groups of doctors, scientist and researchers are often put off by Don’s renegade look, but once he reveals his message, he’s usually greeted by hefty applause and even standing ovations.

Don teaches that we should let go of the fear and stop believing that disease is “a war” that needs to be fought. He says that “fighting fire with fire” is the cut, burn and poison approach of modern medicine that knows no other way – and this is the reason why today, “health care” is doing more harm than good.

Self Care is about being charge of your own health and being very conscious of your body’s powers to heal itself when you support it with nature’s principles – and this is what Don teaches.

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