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A Morning With Don Tolman Live & Online

This is your exclusive opportunity to experience a morning with the one and only Don Tolman, LIVE and ONLINE!

After 14 years of ‘wow-ing’ live seminar audiences all round Australia, this is your chance to experience Don and his life-changing wisdom live in your living room.

For over 50 years publicly, ‘Cowboy’ Don Tolman has been an inspirational figure in raising people’s awareness about the pitfalls of the ‘health care’ industry and in creating a pathway of hope for thousands world-wide, by sharing his ancient health wisdom and principles of “Self Care“.

At this powerful, enlightening 90 minute online event, Don will shift your perspective on health and have your eyes opened wide.

Captivating, uplifting and revealing, you’ll gain priceless wisdom from Don about what to avoid and how to take charge of your health using the timeless principles of Self Care.

You’ll also find yourself in fits of laughter as ‘Cowboy’ Don delivers such a powerful and important message with a healthy dose of humour and grace!

*New dates to come*

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Purpose To Prosperity

At this high impact 3-hour event, Pat Mesiti will help you identify and unlock your own unique gifts that lay dormant within you. And you’ll discover how you can turn them into a mission, business or project that has greater meaning to you, that’s more rewarding and more greatly serves the world.

Pat Mesiti, one of Australia’s most inspirational personal growth educators, will empower you with his incredible insights, distinctions and secrets for transforming your deep desires and gifts into something of value that is more uniquely, YOU.

Pat’s outrageous enthusiasm, incredible humour, inspirational style and ability to mentor people who are ready to ‘raise the bar’ in their life, is totally unique. He’ll give you life-changing insights, tools and motivation to ‘shift’ your mindset and move you into action – to help you fast-track towards your dream life.

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