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Pat Mesiti: How To Make A Profit

Everybody wants to profit. I'm not just talking about financial profit, although that IS important. However, are you profiting in life emotionally? Are you profiting in life spiritually? Are you profiting mentally? In this short...

READ MORE Author: Pat Mesiti March 09, 2020

Where Will You Be At Age 65?

Where you would be at the age of 65? This is a question the government wanted to know, and several years ago they did a census to find out financially where people will be. The...

READ MORE Author: Shane Noney December 18, 2019

How To Break Your Limiting Beliefs Around Money

I want to share with you a vital message on how you can break the strongholds or the limiting beliefs that you have around money. Money is a natural thing, and money is something so...

READ MORE Author: Pat Mesiti December 12, 2019

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