Why You Should Be Your Own Greatest Fan

December 06, 2019

I remember growing up, there was a negative stigma attached to “loving yourself”.

If you spoke about something you did or achieved, you ran the very real risk of being judged for having a “big head” or being “too proud”.

No one seemed to like anyone who loved themselves.

And anything you did that was cool was for others to commend you on, but not for you to talk about.

How times have changed.

With the advent of social media, never before has there been so much self-promotion.

Some is genuine, good and helps others.

But mostly it has lead to an anxiety and depression epidemic – particularly in the lives of our younger generation.

Now don’t get me wrong.

Social Media is an amazing, leveraged tool that carries many positives.

But the problem is that it’s also created an artificial world for us to subconsciously compare ourselves to.

Engaging it constantly can be exhausting and can lead to overwhelming feelings of not being enough.

The lesson is that we need to choose our focus.

Become acutely aware of what you’re exposing yourself to and realise that comparison is the thief of joy.

Next, concentrate on yourself and your own gifts and greatness.

Every day, all you can ask of yourself is this…

“Am I giving my best to my loved ones and my inner circle?”

If the answer to that is yes, that is enough. That is good reason to celebrate and to be your own greatest fan.

A few tips:

  • Celebrate your wins and achievements no matter how small.
  • Constantly set yourself new mini challenges, rewarding yourself with every little milestone reached.
  • And practise positive self-talk when no one else is around.

I believe that these are the keys to becoming your own greatest fan.

Never forget too, that by learning to love yourself for all the good that you are, you can more consistently show up as ‘your best self’ for those who need you most.