What’s Your Personal Philosophy?

November 24, 2017

Though it may not be pinned to your office wall, our life experience carves out a set of standards or values that over time we choose to live by.

I like to call it a “personal philosophy” –  kind of like a subconscious set of rules that you use to guide your behaviour, decisions and direction in life.

A personal philosophy can serve you positively or negatively…

Just think of a smoker who lives by the philosophy of, ‘I may as well do it coz I only live once!‘ as compared with someone who is shooting for their dreams with the same philosophy.

But here’s the good news.

These negative patterns can also be disrupted – particularly when the reasons a strong enough – and you can definitely create a personal philosophy that empowers you to grow.

Think for a moment about the personal values you place on things like…

  • Time – Are you always early or late?
  • Money – Do you hold on to it tight or allow it to flow?
  • Work – Do you do it to earn a living or to be of service to the world?
  • Health – Do you believe in balance, a strict diet or do you just eat whatever satisfies you?
  • Lifestyle – Are you designing the life you want or is the government in control?
  • Relationships – Do you have them to ‘get’ something or to ‘give’ something ?

Creating a personal philosophy that truly resonates with you can take minutes or it can take months, but either way, it’s well worth making a start.

It’s an exercise that will reveal the inbuilt patterns and beliefs in your life that aren’t serving you well that it’s time to ‘shake up’ in order to create positive change.

So where do you start in crafting a personal philosophy that serves and empowers you? 

Here’s some ideas that might help:

  1. Write down the key characteristics of YOU that have served you well in the past;
  2. Identify the people you admire and write down their obvious attributes that resonate with you and that you wish to embody;
  3. What’s the ONE thing you do every day without fail that adds value to your life?;
  4. What’s the ONE thing you do every day without fail that is holding you back?;
  5. What is it that you REALLY want 5, 10 and 15 years from now?;
  6. Who would you need to be in order to get those ‘things’ what you want?

Questions like these will provoke thought that will allow you to create a personal philosophy that serves you and speaks to your heart.  And don’t worry if it takes time…at least make a start and see where it leads you.

It’s worth doing because the game of a life is a high stakes game where we only get one shot.

So why not create a philosophy that will give you everything you truly deserve?

Just make a start. You’ll be glad you did.