Are Vegan & Vegetarian Diets Really Healthy?

July 07, 2020

There’s a general belief that “I’m vegan so that means I’m healthy”. I think a lot of times we see that that’s not actually the case.

It’s kind of a pain point for me because I want people to live more of a plant-based diet, eating a lot more plants, living a lot more healthy. And so vegetarians and vegans that are eating a lot of processed sugar, a lot of highly processed and refined wheat and different things, and basically crap, basically garbage food that just doesn’t have animal products in it, it doesn’t really give us a good name.

We all know the stereotype, the pasty vegans that are thin and look like they’re going to fly away when the wind blows, I think it’s really important to know that when we say vegetarian we’re literally describing vegetables as kind of a basis. That’s what we’re saying. When we’re saying vegan it should be, “Oh, you only eat exclusively plants.”

And that’s the way it really should be, we should be eating the fresh fruits in season. We should be eating the vegetables. We should be eating the whole grains and all the beautiful things that Mother Nature has to offer. And if we did that, if we actually ate plants in their whole form, or minimally processed and artificial this and that then we would find all vegans and vegetarians would be really healthy. It would change the whole statistics and it would be obvious that vegan and vegetarian is the way to go.

And I would even say that when vegans and vegetarians don’t even follow that still statistically are healthier when it comes to diabetes. Maybe not diabetes as much but especially heart disease, cancer, and things of this nature.

Just be aware that if you want to transition to more of a vegetarian or vegan diet really look for more wholesome, fresh fruits and vegetables, and really start to learn how to cook yourself using more plant-based, minimally processed foods.