Use It Or Lose It!

April 18, 2018

If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!

It’s a basic fact of life that sometimes escapes us until that thing we take for granted is gone.

Anything in your life that you neglect eventually weakens or dies.

Think about it in terms of your Relationships, Mental and Physical Health, Career, Business and Finances.

We ALL fall down in these areas from time to time, but failure is rarely fatal if you learn to recognise the signs when the wheels begin to loosen.

Give these 6 key areas of your life the TLC that they deserve…

  1. Your Physical Body – Prioritise movement each day for 30-45 minutes to keep it supple and strong;
  2. Your Diet – Fuel your body with high quality, electrically charged, ‘living’ foods to stay light and energised;
  3. Your Business or Career – Constantly look for ways to add more value and serve at a higher level;
  4. Your Intimate Relationship – Ask yourself ‘what can I give to’ instead of ‘what can I get from’ this person;
  5. Your Mental Balance – Feed your mind with positive, uplifting content for 15-30 minutes each day;
  6. Your Emotional Wellbeing – hang out with people who make you smile and take 5 minutes each morning to practice deep breathing and gratitude for the all of the good things you have.

It’s all about being more conscious of life’s ‘gifts’ on a daily basis, learning to be resilient and tuning in to those things that matter most.

In my mind, these are vital keys to sustaining a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.