Tyler Tolman: How Your Body Detoxifies

January 29, 2020

What if you have toxicity in your body? How is it that you cleanse and detoxify yourself so that you can get your health back on track?

As Tyler Tolman states, “It’s a great question, and it’s a very controversial question as well”.

Because there are literally medical doctors out there in the world that are saying there’s no such thing as detoxification. For someone like me who runs a detox centre it’s a simple question that I ask back to any medical doctor or person that believes that we don’t detoxify as like, “What do you call it when you go poop?” That’s the elimination of waste, right? And that’s the way the body detoxifies the waste that’s coming in.

Toxic Buildup

Imagine if all of a sudden you couldn’t go poop? It’s called constipation, which believe it or not a large portion of the population is actually constipated.

If you’re constipated you’re not eliminating the way you should, that toxicity backs up. And so to detoxify literally means to do something that helps us to eliminate excess waste.


When we eat a lot of fibre, when we hydrate ourselves, when we go for long walks, when we get multiple kinds of fibre, soluble or insoluble fibre from whole grains, or from fresh fruits, or from vegetables or whatever it is, when we get a lot more fibre and hydration we’re able to detoxify. We have bowel movements more regularly, which is really important.


When we hydrate ourselves with enough water or fresh squeezed juices the hydration allows us to urinate more. And we all know when you urinate you’re eliminating toxins. So this is how we detoxify.

Boost Detoxification

Some people go out and they have benders on the weekend. They could literally sit in a sauna in the morning and sweat out a lot of those toxins.

The way we detoxify is by supporting the channels of elimination. Eating more fibre, cleaning out the digestive system, drinking a lot more fluids, allowing the urinary system to work optimally, either exercising or sitting in a sauna or a hot bath helps us to sweat.

Deep Breathing

And then another really profound way is actually deep breathing exercises. Because we bring in a lot of oxygen which helps us to alkalize. And we also eliminate a lot of carbonic acid. A lot of acids from our cells are coming out simply though that deep breathing. Those are some things that people can do to really amplify the detoxification process and feel so much better.

Fasting & Other Aids

Any time that you want to do some form of fasting or some type of really healthy diet, like let’s say fresh fruits and vegetables, that would really open up the channels of elimination. And then there’s lots of little tools that you can teach people how to support that process more like sitting in a sauna regularly, using something like an enema kit, or going and getting a colonic to remove the blockage.