The Power Of Decisions

November 15, 2017

Our decisions in life shape our destiny.

When you stop and ponder it, you’ll probably notice that at different junctures in your life, you’ve made decisions that have taken you on a journey that ultimately impacts the quality of life you experience today.

You may have decided to choose a certain career, start a business, form a relationship with a particular person, pay attention to (or neglect) your health, accept a diagnosis from your Doctor, or attend a personal development course.

All of these little decisions have set you on a certain path.

And whether you’ve made poor decisions in the past or you’ve been the victim of circumstance, at some level, we all get to decide the meaning we place around those things – so that they either give us the strength to move forward or we allow them to compound our pain.

Take a close look at the ‘micro’ decisions you make each day and whether they bring positive or negative energy to your life:

• What do you choose to expose yourself to on TV?
• Who do choose to hang around?
• Do you eat foods that expand or deplete your energy?
• Do you exercise and move your body?
• Are making progressive decisions around your business or career?
• How do you treat your partner, spouse, staff or team mates?

By paying attention to the seemingly innocuous decisions you make on a daily basis, you’ll soon notice that there are areas you can improve on to serve you and those around you so much better.

Just like some of the world’s greatest innovations have improved the quality of life for us all, you can impact your own quality of life by making clear and empowering decisions for yourself too.

But realise something here…

Not every decision you make is going to be the right one. I know myself, I’ve made several poor decisions in my business and personal life that have created tremendous set backs for me at various times.

But what would life be if we made NO decisions?

The game of life is about learning and growing, so even if you make what turns out to be a wrong decision, so long as you learn from the experience, you will have gained so much that making NO decision would have never given you – to help drive you forward.

So why not choose in this moment right now to make a decision?

Decide what you’re going to focus on, attach to it a meaning that empowers you and then take some form of action in a direction that serves you today.

By learning to adapt this mindset, you’ll find that you’ll become better and better at making the right decisions for you on a daily basis and at those critical moments to ultimately create the life you want.