3 Ways To Make Motivation Last

July 07, 2019

Have you ever made a new year’s resolution that didn’t last?

If so, you’re not alone.

We all have fleeting moments where it’s easy to commit to some type of “positive change“, but the real question is, can we make it last?

It’s an interesting phenomenon.

And it really comes down to what’s driving your new direction.

You see there’s only really two types of motivation – PUSH and PULL.

Push is based on will power. And will power never really lasts because it has no juice.

It’s like having a nice new fast car, but no fuel in the tank. There’s nothing actually driving the positive change.

On the other hand, PULL motivation is where you have energy spurring your new direction.

“Pull” motivation is what drives change.

This is because you suddenly have substance and reason that’s like a magnet drawing you to where you want to go.

Here’s an example…

If you’ve ever watched a ‘smoker’ try to quit smoking they’ve usually tried a hundred times before and failed.

Quitting for good only happens when they have a ‘line in the sand’ moment.

A point in time when they resolve to quit because the pain association with ‘not quitting’ becomes too great.

It could be a diagnosis or a realisation of what will happen if they don’t quit e.g. they won’t get to see their grandkids grow up.

Whatever it is, once you become outcome focussed and vested in the process everything starts to change.

Here’s 3 ways to make motivation last:

1. Identify the reasons WHY you want what you want – A ship without a rudder will never get to its destination. By being clear about why this thing is important to you, it will give you the fuel to do what needs to be done to stay the course;

2. Focus on your outcome – Create a picture in your mind’s eye for the beauty that the positive change will bring to your life and spend a few minutes focussing on that picture each day. If you want to lose weight or heal yourself, start by appreciating yourself and visualising a more radiant, energetic version of you;

3. A little each day goes a long way – Whilst it pays to be focussed on a bright future, realise that getting to your end goal is a process that takes consistent action on a regular basis. Whilst change won’t happen overnight, doing the little things right on a daily basis will set you up to win.

Motivation really does matter.

But to create change that lasts, it’s a question of scratching the surface to find the reasons WHY.