Public Speaking: How To Prepare Yourself Mentally

November 08, 2019

Today I want to speak to you about preparation, how to prepare yourself mentally for public speaking. As a speaker, as a coach, as a mentor to people, all of us at some point in life face nerves, or we have to realise what we’ve got to face…

We’ve got the work done. We’ve done the study. But still the butterflies kick in. Still, the insecurities that we all face at some time or other seem to creep in.

So how can you as a coach, as a speaker, as a mentor to others prepare yourself mentally?

You Are The Expert

I really believe that the first thing you’ve got to understand is this, number one, you’re the expert.
You are what people have come to hear. Oftentimes we undervalue ourselves because we think we don’t know enough, or maybe we haven’t prepared enough.

But I want you to understand this, after 40 years of being in this industry here’s what I’ve discovered. The people you are speaking to want you to do well. The people you are speaking to want the information you have. Realise, number one, you are the expert.

Connect With Yourself

Secondly, I really think if you want to prepare yourself mentally. Get alone in a quiet place and meditate and think, and visualise what you’re about to do regardless of the size and the crowd.

I know that sometimes we go to a meeting and we expect there to be a hundred and really there’s 20 and 30, and that could be really discouraging. But what you’ve got to do at that point is go back and meditate and focus on the ones that are there and how you can connect with them emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. And remember, it’s connecting with yourself that puts you in a great place so you can deliver an awesome message.

Rewrite & Refresh

The third thing that’s vitally important is this, realize you have done work, hoping that you have done the work. I really believe that preparation prior to a meeting gives you great weight for where you can go with your message. After all, I believe every speaker doesn’t just write notes or write books, we rewrite them.

When I go over my notes or I go over my talks I’m constantly rewriting and refreshing, and adding value to that message so that I can deliver a more powerful, a more articulate, a more clear message.

It’s not about getting your notes and stick them in the proverbial microwave or speaker’s microwave, we have to actually add some sizzle in there, so realise that you’ve done the work.


The fourth thing that’s very important is to surround yourself with great music. I love before I get on stage surrounding myself with great music, something that’s going to build me up.

Other times I surround myself with music that gets me centered, that gets me focused, that gets me in touch with myself. I believe that’s a great way to prepare yourself mentally.

Meet & Greet

The fifth thing that I like to do, and again, some people are different, this is my way of doing it. I like to meet the people. Why do I meet the people? Oftentimes people go that’s bad positioning. If you’re the guru you should walk in and keep yourself a little bit separate.

Remember, at the end of the day these are the people you’re communicating to. These are the people that will either listen to you or reject you. Positioning isn’t about being the guru and seeing yourself higher and mightier, position is knowing your authority, positioning is knowing who you are, positioning is knowing that you’re the expert, that you’re the mentor, that you’ve done the work.

Connect With People

And I really believe one of the greatest ways to prepare yourself mentally is connecting with people, going out and speaking to them, finding out their names, which when you speak and you mention their name there’s automatically a connection there, there’s automatically an emotional bind between you and that audience.

Final Note

I hope that these tips helped you. Let me leave you with one other thought. If you want to prepare yourself mentally can I encourage you, believe in yourself. Believe in you. Believe that what you’ve got to deliver is going to transform the lives of people.

Your belief system will affect your performance. If you are feeling a sense of, “I’m not good enough,” or maybe you feel that you are more than good enough, it’s about being centered. It’s about knowing who you are, not to think too highly of yourself, and certainly not to think too lowly of yourself.

Be in touch with you. And if you can be in touch with you, realise that you’ve done the work, you are the expert, you are the authority, you will connect with people and it will prepare you mentally.

Remember, speaking is about doing what you love. Fall in love with what you’re doing, and your mind will always be prepared.