Tyler Tolman: The Power of Colon Cleansing

October 09, 2020

Most people want to get rid of the tyre around their waist.

There’s a lot of people who really want to lose weight or at least drop a couple inches around the waist just to feel good.  But that’s not the most important reason to do a Colon Cleanse.

We also know that any excess weight we do hold – for every extra kilo – increases your chance of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Another important reason to do a colon cleanse, is if you’re dealing with deficiencies such as a B12 or Vitamin K, which typically show up as chronic fatigue or allergies.

A lot of people are getting tested and it’s showing up with these deficiencies, consequently, causing them to freak out.

The great thing about a colon cleanse is that it strips the digestive system clean of any plaque or accumulation of waste and helps to regulate the digestive system if somebody is a bit constipated.

Now, the main reason that we lay down those fat layers is because fat is actually an insulator that soaks up toxins.

So, most of the time when we have that fatty tyre around the waist – most western style people do – it’s because the body is laying down fat there to soak up the excess toxicity because the digestive system is backed up.

This is why the digestive system is probably the most important thing for our general health and wellbeing.

Watch Tyler’s video where he talks about the benefits of colon cleansing  – why it’s such an effective and powerful protocol for stripping unwanted weight and to embrace periodically, as part of your self care routine, for longevity and the avoidance of disease.