People Don’t Always Want What They Say They Want

December 01, 2019

Are you trying to define your audience and think about their pain points and what they want, yet when the clients come to you, that doesn’t seem to be the things that they really need?

Here’s what I mean by that…

Back when I was doing sales funnels, people would come to me and think they needed sales funnels, yet when I got testimonial videos from my clients, not a single one of them mentioned funnels, all of them mentioned mindset.

Yet in my marketing, because they think they want funnels, it’s funnels that I would talk about.

Now another example of that is when people talk about coming to my Lady Balls Retreats, they say that they want clarity, yet the issue is usually not clarity. The issue is usually the negative mindset stuff that they are out there telling themselves.

Another thing is people might say that they need to get more sales, yet they might not have defined their audience yet. So if you’re a coach helping people get more sales, until you help them get an audience, getting them more sales is obsolete, because you can’t do that without defining the audience first.

So what I invite you do to do in your business is whatever your market is, listen to what they’re telling you that they need, then look at your existing clients and look at what they’re getting out of working with you, because the majority of the time, it’s not going to be what they came in to get.

It’s kind of important when you’re thinking about funnels or creating funnels to get yourself new clients. Focus on what they think they want, and once they opt in, talk to them also a little bit about the stuff that you know is gonna help them to get the massive transformation in their business.