Nutritional Deficiencies

January 24, 2020

Symptoms are a really good way to know if you’re deficient. A lot of times people become deficient in B12 for example. All of a sudden they really feel fatigued. They might sort of have a little bit of pain. But for B vitamins especially the big one is fatigue. “I just don’t have the energy. I can’t get going,” things of this nature.

A lot of people become deficient in iron. And they call it anaemia. Also, you start to have low energy, not knowing what’s going on.

With anaemia a lot of times you can actually tell by looking at the eyelids. The eyelids appear to be really white. You can also push on your gums. If you open your mouth, smile, push on your gums and let it go it goes from white back to a nice pink fairly quickly.

If somebody presses on the gums, let’s go, and it stays white that means that they’re most likely anaemic. They’re lacking iron and they need to do something about it.

The biggest thing is symptomatic, something’s off. “I don’t feel good. I’ve got pain. I’ve got some kind of symptoms. I get dizzy. I see shiny things in front of me. All of a sudden I got hearing loss or something’s going on,” that’s probably a sign there’s a deficiency. And the best way to absolutely know if you’re deficient or not would be just to go see a physician and actually have a comprehensive blood test.

For me if I feel really good, everything’s going great, I’m not going to go get a blood test, I’m not going to go see a doctor. But for the general population, it’s a responsible thing to say go and get a check-up, have all your bloods tested. Because if something is out of whack nutritional deficiencies can lead to irreversible damage. And it really is smart to make sure you’re not becoming deficient.

For those of you out there who really just want to get checked, if you want to know if you’re deficient or not, the real cool thing is you don’t even really have to go see a physician. These days they actually have websites.

You can go on the website and you can choose every single thing that you want to actually monitor in your blood. You can choose the vitamin D, the B12, you can choose anything you like. You can pay for it. And you can go directly to the actual clinic. And they’ll send a fax, you go there, you get your blood taken, you never saw a doctor. The only downside of that is you do have to pay for it 100%. If you’re interested, look online, go get your blood test, and make sure that you’re not deficient.