Why Mind Mastery Matters

July 07, 2019

In life, things rarely go according to plan.

And the only way to navigate each roadblock with strength, courage and grace is to learn how to master your mind.

For me, as a kid I thought my mum and dad would stay together.

I thought I was going to be a rock star, a professional rugby league player and then a racing driver.

Later, I told myself, “…when I’m set up in my mid 30’s, I’ll get married and have kids”.

None of those things went to plan.

By 30, I was already married with 3 beautiful daughters and two failed business ventures under my belt.

I was blessed on the family front, but by no means out of the woods.

I had no trade to fall back on and no idea who or what I would become.

But I understood none of that mattered.

My fall back position was that I was raised in a creative and resilient environment where we learned to roll with the punches and where failure was not an option.

I was exposed to the world of personal development during my teens – and even now – I consider myself a student who is never willing to stop growing and learning.

I view any kind of inspiration as fuel for my mind.

So, what about you?

At some time or another, you’ve probably had a pretty picture in your head about what our life should look like.

And if that picture hasn’t become real (or didn’t last), it’s probably delivered you a certain amount of pain.

This is why mastering your mind is critical.

Ultimately, it’s the difference between letting your past destroy or define you, and just like staying in shape physically, you’ve gotta learn to love it, because it takes consistent work.

A quick side note…

At the moment, I’m reading a book called “Can’t Hurt Me – Master Your Mind”, by David Goggins.

You can look David up on Instagram or YouTube – the guy is an incredible physical specimen.

But it’s his story of childhood trauma and experience as a Navy Seal which really shaped him that is most inspiring.

One of the things that David explains very early in his book, is how we are at risk of having a shitty life from the moment we are born.

Life is hard.

And the only thing that enables us to constantly live powerfully no matter what, is our ability to absorb pain, adversity and our ability (willingness) to master our mind.

School doesn’t teach it.

And nor could it.

Because the truth is that when our path is mapped out for us, we can’t genuinely experience deep lessons, and ultimately the best that life has to offer.

A final thought for today…

Always remember, that just like your body needs to move to stay in shape, your mind is a muscle that needs to be exercised regularly if you want it to be resilient and strong.

Particularly in the morning, turn off the TV and feed your mind good vibes every day.
Move your body early each day and flood your brain with inspiration.

I believe that this is the catalyst for mastering your mind.

And to absorbing powerfully, just about anything that life throws at you.

You deserve the best.