How To Improve Your Self-Esteem

December 20, 2019

All of us in life at some point or other have been hit with a lack of self-esteem. It happens. It’s life. You’re not going to be able to avoid it.

Other people they seem to constantly have great self-esteem. I don’t know that life actually works that way, but here’s what I’ve discovered. When you hit a low you can always get back up. When your confidence is shaken you can always rebuild.

Here’s what I discovered that brings about a lack of self-esteem, other people’s words. Words create images. Words create emotions. Words create power in our mind and in our heart.

The good book says that death and life is in the power of the tongue. It also says that our words of our mouth need to be acceptable or unacceptable. It also says that whenever things are pure, whenever things are lovely, think on these things, whatever is a good report. And that’s not a religious statement, it’s actual great therapy and self-esteem building.

How can we build our self-esteem?


Firstly, I would ask myself who is it that destroyed my self-esteem, and I would not access him ever again. You’ve got to avoid accessing people that deliberately dilapidate your self-esteem. You’ve got to avoid the words that actually tear you down.

Our lives, our heart, our psyche responds to positive words. Words create images. Words create feelings. Words will open your heart or shut you down. And if we change the environment of you words and change the people that are speaking them you’ll change your life.

Positive Inputs

Secondly, I would immerse myself in positive, absolutely positive personal development material. Why is that? Most images, most concepts, most thoughts we are bombarded with on TV and everything else, social media is negative. And we need to over, and I do mean oversupply our minds with good nutrients.

Just like your body can’t function on a steady diet of junk food your mind can’t function on a steady diet of junk. You’ve got to get vitamins for your soul into your mind. Don’t dilapidate your mind by putting junk in there. Fill it with great nutrients.


Thirdly, I really think is important, change your self-talk. Get great affirmations. I’m going to talk about something like “I’m amazing, I’m so great.”

They’ve got to be real. But get some great affirmations…

Today is a wonderful day and I am enjoying my life.

Today is a day where I begin to prosper and increase step by step.

These are both examples of positive, true affirmations that’ll build your spirit.

Your mouth speaks to your body, speaks to your psyche. And the other thing is put your body into it.

Physical Activity

Generally every morning I get up and I go for a brisk walk, and two things I do. Either number one, I listen to some great personal development, or some great music, or secondly I’m engaging with my environment, and what I do I just call it sensory walking. I engage with the birds and the trees and the foot paths, and the flowers, and I begin to notice things. Why do I do that? Because it feeds me and feeds my inner world. It builds me up to increase my levels of thinking that have been depleted from probably the day before.

The Takeaway

Self-esteem is something you’ve got to monitor. Don’t wait until you’re down there down in the doldrums. When you see it begin to slowly but surely step out of your life quickly prop it up with a book, with a CD, with a bit of music, with a friend that believes in you.

Remember, disengage the words that caused it and engage the words that bring it, and your self-esteem will grow, and you’ll be a more prosperous and more effective person.