The Cause Of Self Doubt

December 16, 2019

Self-doubt will kick you in the face if you let it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or if you’re playing at a high level, we all have days where self-doubt kicks us in the throat and cripples us.

Now, there’s a silent, sneaky cause of self-doubt that creeps up on us and we don’t even know. It’s such a sneaky little thing and there’s actually a second surprise little cause of self-doubt that I’m going to share with you.

Now, you could be cruising along in your goals, and then self-doubt smacks you in the face and cripples you like a little, insecure child. It feels awful, right?

Now, the reasons are not always clear, sometimes you get tripped up and you don’t even know the reason why.

They say if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’s gonna feel like a loser, or the phrase goes something like that.

So, to get rid of your self-doubt it’s really important to not do tasks that make you feel like a loser. If you start having loser feelings then you can spiral into a self-doubt tornado and then you can stop working and start procrastinating for days, and sometimes even weeks or months, and nobody wants that.

All you need to do is stay in flow and stick to your genius, and delegate the stuff that isn’t in your genius.

So, anytime this happens, you can apply this strategy. I call it, “Ditch that Stuff.”

When you start doing things that are out of flow, you can start questioning.

“Am I even good at what I do?”

It’s okay, you are good at what you do but, if you’re doing things that you don’t enjoy, like techy things, or maybe design, you’ve gotta ditch that stuff.

Or, maybe you’re trying to deliver something in a way that all the gurus are doing ’cause you think that’s what you’re meant to do but if it doesn’t feel right, ditch that stuff.

Do it your way, just be you.

An example, if you’re creating an online programme and it feels like you’re pulling teeth but you love being on the stage, don’t try and do screen recordings for your online programme, get somebody to film you on the stage.

You’re in your genius and they’re in their genius. They take away your film, and they turn it into an online programme for you. You still get the outcome but you’re delivering it in a way that you enjoy so you don’t have that self-doubt kick in because you are in your genius.

There’s another little sneaky thing that kills your confidence and creates self-doubt, that is saying yes to the wrong clients. Now, if you say yes to a client who’s needy and makes you their crutch, then you can’t help them because they’re never going to do the work.

All that’s going to do is take all of your energy, make you think you’re bad at what you do, when there’s 20 other people singing your praises, who love you, but for some reason you always focus on that one person who you can’t help.

You can lead a horse to water and all, but, as they say, if you run into a burning house with people screaming “Help me” then you are going to get burned and thank you Shaun Stevenson for pointing that out at the ClickFunnels event, I love that phrase and I’m using it ever since.

Do your action-taking clients a favour and do your sanity a favour and don’t take on those clients!

Ditch that shit!

If you continue to play to your strengths and give yourself praise for the things that you are good at, you’re far more likely to be on the path for success, rather than let that self-doubt cripple you in your journey. If you can learn to control it to keep that self-doubt out as much as possible then all you’ll do is win!