How To Break Your Limiting Beliefs Around Money

December 12, 2019

I want to share with you a vital message on how you can break the strongholds or the limiting beliefs that you have around money. Money is a natural thing, and money is something so often that in our culture we kind of look at as evil, and I don’t know where that got started.

I believe that many times because of religion, because of culture, or because of family we inherit these belief systems or what I call these viruses in our heads that formulate limiting beliefs about money, or restrictive beliefs.

In Australia, we’re taught, from what I can see anyway, that we want everyone to rise to the middle. And if you’re successful what are we going to do? We’re going to tear you down, we’re going to find fault, we’re going to find criticism.

Sadly that is not the way to build a strong economic life. Sadly that only anchors more the limiting beliefs that people have about money. How do we break that?

Become Aware

Firstly I really believe we need to be aware that we have limiting beliefs. We have these viruses in our heads. We’ve got these viruses that have been handed to us through culture, religion, parents, and friends, things like this,

“The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“Look at that rich guy over there. He must be ripping somebody off.”

Where did we learn and who spoke the junk into your head? Who spoke those viruses? And then ask yourself these questions…

Do you want to be like them?

Do you want to emulate them?

Do you want that virus, that limiting belief in your heart?

Many of us get these limiting beliefs because we feel bad about something that we should be feeling good about.

Who told you that money is evil? “Well, I’ve seen money do some terrible things.”

No. Money doesn’t do terrible things, people do terrible things. Money is an innate object, just like a knife, just like a chair. It has no value, no power, nothing in it except the power, value, and influence I give it, so beware.

Start The Process

Secondly, if you want to remove your limiting beliefs realize it’s going to take some work. It’s taken years and years and years of these thoughts, ideas, and concepts into our heard. What makes you think they’re going to change overnight. The awareness is the event. The ability to begin to change is the event. Then we’ve got to start the process.

Now, a process takes time. It’s not going to change over time. Just like my boys that work in our drug rehabilitation, they had an addiction problem. I had to reprogram their thinking because ladies and gentlemen, they came to the program. They had an epiphany that they needed to change. That was the event. Then we had to begin the process of transformation and change.

Listen. Don’t fall in love with the end result. Get engaged and fall in love with the process. That’s what will work.

The Right Crowd

Thirdly, hang around people with a great mindset around money. You and I will assimilate what we associate with. Do you realize that your income will rise at the level of your six closest friends.
How many of you right now have got some deep problems?

But if you hang around the right crowd, go to a seminar, get into a personal development program, get into something that will help you reprogram your thinking about money, and hang around those kind of people.

Remember, associations equal assimilations. Associations will either rise you up or tear you down. They’re just like an elevator. You want to make sure that your elevator is taking you to the top floor, not down to the basement.

Your Environment

The other important thing to break your limiting beliefs is change the input of your mind, where you’re getting your input from. For example, if it’s a family, or a culture, or an environment you’ve got to change that environment. You must give it limited access. The more access you have to that person, that place, that idea, the more it will reinforce your limiting beliefs, so you’ve got to change that environment.

A car was built to function better on the road, not in the middle of an ocean. Environments change thinking. Environments change behavior. Environments change the state of the heart and the change of the mind. If you will change your environment your life will grow.

Seek the environments that are conducive to helping you build a healthy, prosperous, fulfilling, dynamic, engaged mind, and your life financially will prosper. This is Pat Mesiti and I look forward to seeing you having a prosperous life.