Are Your Beliefs Limiting Your Health?

November 02, 2017

In every aspect of our life, our inbuilt belief systems are like a rudder that guides us to carry out certain daily behaviours.

Take the current state of your health as an example…

If you’re at your ideal weight, vibrant, pain-free and not reliant on medications, chances are you’re doing things consistently that are generating that result.

But if your health is not up to scratch, it’s time to ask yourself if you’ve fallen ‘victim’ to any of these limiting beliefs over time:

  • Disease is a mystery
  • The Doctor told me I need to be on medication for life
  • I need meat to get protein and iron
  • Salt causes high blood pressure
  • I have a slow metabolism
  • It’s genetic
  • I’m not fit enough
  • I’m always depressed
  • I’ve tried everything.

It’s interesting how beliefs like these can end up ‘owning’ our lives.

People who are diagnosed with Diabetes quickly tend to ‘identify’ themselves as Diabetic – it becomes part of the fabric of who they are, and yet it’s actually not who they are at all. It was merely a ‘label’ that was placed on them that they chose to embrace.

At the F45 gym where I train, I recently asked a reasonably fit 40 something year old bloke how long he’d been coming to these classes.  He said that he started a year ago and that it had changed his life.  He went on to tell me that he’d lost 45 kilograms since he began and how he found it really tough at first and now he religiously attends 4 times a week!

So how did he (Josh) do it? 

The answer is that he didn’t focus on ‘the process’ because that would’ve been way too painful.  Instead, he focussed on ‘the outcome’ and ‘the reasons’ why he had to lose all that weight and he eventually got there.

Whether you’re trying to get off medications, heal a condition, lose weight or boost your energy, the key is to take a step – any step – in the right direction.  It’s always hard at first, but pretty soon you’ll get to a point where you’ll gain momentum and it becomes easier!

The key to any positive change is always an inside job.  It’s all about Self-Leadershipthe art of finding ways to do the things that you know are good for you even though your default setting is not to do it and stay in the status quo.