Are You Surviving Or Thriving?

July 07, 2019

Are you surviving or thriving?

Have you ever been caught in a ‘survival rut’ where you know you could be doing, be-ing, giving and having more, but just can’t seem to break the shackles holding you down?

It know what it’s like.

The commitments and stresses of everyday life often cause me to default to a subconscious routine that I know only partly serves me, my team and my family.

That subconscious routine is the ‘survival rut’ I’m talking about.

It’s a place that’s ‘safe’, that protects us and that delivers our basic needs.

But that’s all it does.

The ‘survival rut’ also delivers certainty, but it’s a trap – particularly if you truly want your life to THRIVE, because little to no growth occurs there.

I look at it this way…

The only real difference between surviving and thriving in life is; your perspective and how you choose to spend your time.

High achievers know that TIME is our most precious asset and that time is a level playing field.

We ALL have 24 hours in the day, but what makes the difference in people’s lives is ultimately HOW we ‘value’ and choose to spend those 24 hours.

So what’s the secret to breaking free of the ‘survival rut’ so that you can begin to thrive?

Here’s some tips that you might find useful:

➡️ 1. Treat ‘survival’ as only “The Foundation” – Do what you have to do to take care of yourself and your family, but don’t fall into the trap of making this the be-all and end-all. If you want to progress and achieve more, make sure you devote a portion of each day to “thrive time” e.g. work on a side hustle business venture, practising your passion, or starting a new project;

➡️ 2. Get clear on what you want – Whatever “thriving” means to you, the first step is to get clear on what that looks like. Without some type of target or end goal in mind (that is compelling), the chances of you taking any type of constructive action in the direction you want are small. For example, if your goal is to get in shape, get specific in your mind about how you’ll look and feel when you achieve that goal and use that as fuel to inspire you to work out each day;

➡️ 3. Stop comparing yourself – Comparing yourself to others is the thief of joy. Everyone has their own story and their own set of challenges no matter how things may seem on the surface. You are unique in your own right and you deserve to thrive and have a great life. Practice this little incantation daily, “I can, I will, just watch me” to help become your own biggest fan and to inspire yourself to make progress;

➡️ 4. Keep it simple and take action – it sounds obvious but complexity is the enemy of execution. So whatever your project is, make sure it’s something that’s not too overwhelming and something you can chip away at and stay consistent with on a daily and weekly basis;

➡️ 5. Get over yourself and come from a place of service – sometimes a survival rut is designed to hold us back for fear of being judged by our family, friends and others (again, it’s designed to keep us safe). Forget about what they think and do what feels right to you in your heart.

You have nothing to fear if you’re coming from a place of contribution or service to the universe.

Remember, ‘survival’ is just the foundation but you’ll never THRIVE there – that takes some form of risk or discomfort.

Change your perspective about failure, focus on the EXPERIENCE rather than the ‘outcome’ and you’ll be inclined to say ‘yes’ more often so that you can get what you want from this high stakes game we call LIFE.