Are You Focused On The Solution?

July 07, 2018

Over the years I’ve met many people who constantly struggle with their health because their sickness has given them “a label”.

In many cases, they don’t have a sickness…

What they have is an “identity crisis“.

If a Doctor diagnoses you with Diabetes, Cancer or Depression, you now have a new identity you can attach yourself to.

And therein lies a very big problem.

Your “condition” is not you.

It’s simply a label given to you that you can choose to embrace or discard. But of course, there’s often fear involved, so people succumb to the new label that they’ve been given.

There’s no such thing as depression, only a “depressed state”, caused by nothing more than focus on your problems.

Prozac won’t turn this around. The only thing that’ll turn it around is focussing on the solution and anything that is good in your life.

And when it comes to Cancer, you CAN-sur render or you CAN-sur vive.

We all have emotional, physical and financial ups and downs.

It’s just part of the game of life.

The key always is, what you choose to focus on will either empower or destroy you. And you ultimately get to choose.

Don’t lose sight of the big picture and try to find joy in little things that can make you smile.

And as Tony Robbins always says, the more you can embrace the concept of life happening FOR you not TO you, the more you’ll find empowering meanings and solutions that will propel you forward with the benefit of experience under your belt.