6 Key Tips To Clean Up Your Diet

October 25, 2017

Getting on the right track with your diet is not as difficult as it may seem.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be a chore.

Making a handful of small adjustments to what and when you eat can have an enormous impact on your health.

Like anything, if you start off with one or two things incrementally and stay the course, over the medium to long-term, you can experience a total transformation in this area of your life!

To help get you on the right track, here are 6 easy-to-implement tips that I’d love for you to try…

1. Start Each Day with Liquids – When you rise, rehydrate with water first and don’t eat until you’re hungry. Add lemon to alkalise and aid body detoxification and a pinch of nature-made salt to electrify the cells. When you do get around to breakfast, start with a smoothy, fresh juice or organic coffee before any solid food.

2. Eliminate Processed Sugars & Grains – Foods made with white sugar and refined flour, in addition to being heavily processed with bleaches and chemicals, also stimulate an insulin response that causes chaos in the body.

If you have a sweet tooth, use organic honey, organic green stevia (add pitted raw Medjool dates to your smoothies and desserts to sweeten).

When it comes to grains, avoid all white flour, bread, rice and pastas. Choose whole organic varieties wherever you can.

3. Add More Raw – No matter what, you should be consciously adding more raw plant food to your diet in place of highly concentrated foods like meat, pasta and grains. Try to apply the 80/20 rule at mealtime. When you go out, start with a raw salad before your main meal. Your body will love you for it, you’ll curb your appetite and gradually condition yourself to eat less over time without even knowing it.

4. Graze Don’t Binge – Grazing throughout the day is a far better way to go than three heavy square meals. It balances your energy and blood sugar. If you’re going to eat meat, make sure that it doesn’t represent more than 20% of your meal.

5. Experiment with Fasting – Choose 1 day a week to regularly give your body a rest. Go for a few days on fresh juices with every change of season, or experiment with time-restricted eating by extending the amount of hours that you fast each day e.g. try not eating til 10am and having your last meal at 6pm or 7pm – at least 5 days a week.

6. Go Easy After Dark – Try to avoid eating anything heavy after the sun goes down. The ancient wisdom of ‘Supper’ meant to only eat ‘Soups’ and ‘Sops’ i.e. liquid meals only because they won’t overwhelm your digestive system right before bedtime. It’s of course not always practical, particularly when you’re dining out, but remember this is about what you do 80 per cent of the time.