4 Foods That Won’t Break Your Fast

November 16, 2018

You probably know that when you fast, the whole idea is to give your body a break from the rigours of digesting food.

It’s a powerful process that allows ‘magic’ to happen in terms of cellular renewal and your body’s ability to re-set and heal.

There are different schools of thought out there as to which foods – if any – can be consumed during a fast and still give you the benefits.

Strictly speaking, if you’re going to do an extended fast on water or juices (particularly, for the purposes of healing some type of chronic dis-ease condition), it’s usually best to stick with just the ‘water’ and ‘juices’.

But if you’re experimenting with regular “meal-free days” or “intermittent fasting”, there’s a general consensus from many experts, that some ‘foods’ (liquids) won’t technically break your fast…in fact, they can actually help to make your cleanse or fast even more effective!

Here goes…

1) Lemon Juice – The metabolic benefits of the “anions” contained in lemon juice promote deeper cleansing within the digestive tract and far outweigh any concerns that you should have about consuming lemon during a fast;

2) Apple Cider Vinegar – The natural acids within ACV not only help to process and eliminate stored waste within the digestive system (similar to lemon juice), but also being a ‘ferment’, it helps to build immunity, speed up digestion and restore healthy gut flora which is so critical for avoiding so many ailments and boosting your immunity.

Mix 2 tablespoons into a half cup of water and drink first thing in the morning, before bed or a half hour before you eat your first meal;

3) Organic Black Coffee – Three cheers for coffee!!! Yep, organic, naturally brewed BLACK coffee makes the list because it throws up a bunch of extra health benefits that can expedite your fast. The polyphenols help to mobilise fatty acids and transfer glycogen from your bloodstream to muscles and coffee is anti-parasitic.

Just be sure not to add milk, sugar or oils as these will detract from the benefit and will cause an insulin response within the body, breaking your fast. Also, avoid commercially sprayed coffee beans – choose organic coffee only.

4) Green Tea – Loaded with antioxidants, organic green tea is safe to drink while fasting and will not cause an insulin response within the body.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of intermittent fasting, have a read of one of my other blog articles: Why Time-Restricted Eating Should Be A Part of Your Good Health Game Plan

My advice would be to do what makes sense to you and to experiment for yourself.