3 Ways To Overcome Self Doubt

February 07, 2020

Have you ever doubted your ability to get the job done or achieve something great?

Generally a lack of confidence in yourself is borne out of an experience where something didn’t go to plan. Or worse, someone told you you weren’t good enough during a formative time in your life.

I remember for years as a young boy, I struggled to come to terms with the fact that I was frequently over looked for the regional soccer team.  Then at the end of year 12, all my mates got accepted into high powered Uni courses, whilst I didn’t even have the grades to gain entry to an Arts degree.

These kinds of experiences can subconsciously stay with us for years, and either hold us back from becoming the best version of ourselves, or they can fuel us to go onto great things.

If you’ve ever studied the lives of any champion athlete, leader or business person, you’ll understand that there is a delicate line between self doubt and personal greatness.

Every high achiever knows that any project they dedicate time and resources to could end badly, but they do it anyway, comfortable in the knowledge that they will learn from their experience no matter what.

The trick therefore, is to embrace the uncertainty, knowing that it’s really the only place where true growth and personal development exists.

Even still, self doubt can be debilitating.

It can stop you from doing the things in your heart that you know you should be doing. So let’s have a crack at overcoming it together.

I like these three ways for overcoming self doubt and I hope they’ll resonate with you too:

1. Lean On Past Wins

Whenever you feel a sense of self doubt or lack of confidence, cast your mind back to a time in your life where you made yourself proud.  It could be a time when you achieved a goal, you were accepted into something, or you made someone happy.  These moments are what make your life journey unique. Let these events serve as a reminder that you’ve ‘done it before and you’ll do it again’;

2. Don’t Compare Yourself

One of the traps we can easily fall into, is comparing anything we do or strive for, to someone who has already done it.  Remember, that comparison really is the thief of joy because the more you compare yourself to others, the less focus you tend to give to your own unique strengths and your own greatness.

Don’t worry if it’s been done before.  There will always be someone ahead of you in any sphere but that’s not a reason not to do it.  Just know that YOU bring your own uniqueness to every achievement you make and that’s all that really matters;

3. Positive Self Talk

We all have a personal radio frequency, which can be defined as the language we listen to inside our mind every single day.  “Self Talk” means the things you say to yourself about yourself when no one else is around.  It’s those quiet moments where you are only with yourself, either subconsciously beating yourself down or cheering yourself on.

I believe that we all need to be our own greatest fans.

No one knows the inner workings of your deepest desires, hopes and dreams like you do, so ultimately it’s up to you to cultivate a sense of positive energy about these dreams inside your mind.

Whenever I’m in a nervous situation or about to step into the unknown, I like saying to myself, “I can. I will. Just watch me”.

Use this before going into your next job interview, business meeting, physical challenge, or as you sit down to start a new, potentially life-changing project.

Or come up with your a positive incantation for yourself that you can always count on to frame your state of mind.

Remember, you are unique and you are more powerful than you realise. You knew that when you born. It’s only that your life experience has tarnished this belief, made you more rational and taught you otherwise.

Finally, stay away from the nay sayers and the doubters and choose positive people and environments.

When you do this and follow these steps, you’ll wire yourself to overcome self doubt so that you can shine your light in almost any situation.

Zane Truscott.