3 Ways to Overcome Self Doubt

November 08, 2018

The game of life is a journey that throws up inevitable challenges.

Our relationships, career, finances and health are all significant aspects that at various times can test our emotional self-worth.

Sometimes when things don’t go to plan, we arrive at forks in the road where we question our place in the world and/or our ability to shape a happy, positive future for ourselves.

I know, it’s happened to me at different stages where I’ve blamed myself for certain outcomes and doubted my ability to get through the challenge and to move on feeling empowered.

But over time, I’ve learned that overcoming these situations mostly comes down to a healthy mindset, positive self-talk and perspective i.e. my willingness to look for the ‘silver lining’ in every situation.

Here are some useful ways to help overcome self-doubt and take back control of your life in every situation:

1. Don’t compare yourself to others

The true art of leading a happy life is to avoid comparing yourself to others. We are all individuals and bring our own unique gifts into the world.

The trick is to identify those gifts and to spend time exploring and maximising those as best you can to leave your mark on the world.

Start by being grateful for what you have. There will always be someone worse off and someone better off than you. But you have the power to be your best self if you don’t settle for mediocre standards and create great values for your life that you won’t compromise. I like to call them a set of ‘non-negotiables’ that you can identify and practise each day that serve you as an individual.

2. Focus on your gifts

Spend time really identifying your true strengths and weaknesses as an individual.

Do you enjoy inventing things from scratch and building teams?

Are you an artist who needs space to create?

Or are you better at leading people or bringing value to a framework to help it flourish and grow?

These are examples of Self Awareness that will help you to get clear on your gifts and to shape a life where you feel a high sense of value and contribution to your immediate environment and the world.

3. Be Outcome Driven

When you want to reach a goal, or for something to change, the first step is to get clear on the outcome you want, because everything flows from that.

Second is to attach compelling reasons for achieving that outcome so that you’ll be inspired to keep going when the inevitable challenges come up along the way.

Don’t get bogged down with the little things.

Clarity is power. So start with the end goal in mind, then take action and check in with yourself regularly to see if you’re on course. If not, make some adjustments.

Never stop working on yourself mentally and emotionally because it will help you to see yourself in the most positive light, to overcome self-doubt and to identify, believe in and chase your special gifts.